Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
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Bringing Magic to Your Home with Conjure Oils

Conjure oils are magical liquids used in a variety of spiritual and magickal practices. From anointing candles to creating protection circles, conjure oils can add a special touch to your rituals and bring a sense of peace and harmony to your home. Here’s everything you need to know about dressing a candle with conjure oil.

What is Conjure Oil?
Conjure oil is an all-natural blend of essential oils that has been infused with herbs and crystals. It is believed that the combination of these ingredients gives the oil its magickal properties that can be utilized for various spiritual practices. While most conjure oils have similar ingredients, they may contain different herbs, crystals, and scents depending on the specific ritual you are performing.

How Do I Dress a Candle With Conjure Oil?
Dressing a candle with conjure oil is simple but effective way to imbue it with additional energy for your ritual or spell. Start by choosing the right type of candle for your purpose; then, anoint it from the center outward as you make your intention known. Finally, use your fingers, Q-tip or cotton ball soaked in the oil to draw symbols on the candle such as pentagrams, crosses, spirals or crescents. As you do this, repeat affirmations related to your intention aloud or silently in your head. Or you may dress your candle from top to bottom or bottom to top as appropriate.

When Should I Use Conjure Oil?
Conjure oils can be used in any ritual or spell where you want to add extra power and intent into the mix. Whether it’s for protection purposes or attracting good luck into your life, using conjure oil will help ensure that you get maximum results out of every magickal practice. Additionally, they can also be used as part of cleansing rituals before performing any kind of spellwork.

Conjure oils are powerful tools that add extra oomph into any spiritual practice. By dressing a candle with conjure oil and repeating affirmations associated with your intention, you can create powerful energy fields around yourself and those closest to you that will help manifest whatever it is that you desire in life! With just a few simple steps and some natural ingredients, anyone can create their own magick at home!

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