Shipping may take up to 3 weeks as all products are hand poured
Shipping may take up to 3 weeks as all products are hand poured
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How long do the oils last?

Many people wonder how many oils to get at one time. How long do the intentions in the oils last? Is it worth stocking up on all of the oils early, or get them only when you need them? 

This is definitely something you should be considering before purchasing. Planning out your conjure is a big factor in how you buy them. Shipping time is the other consideration. How much time do you need before you plan to do that work? Some work just shouldn't be done out of haste. Make sure you are doing divination and planning out the steps to reach your Conjure goals.

Conjuria's creator Fredericka puts her intentions and ancestral blessings on all of her oils after you order so that the intentions are at their highest potency when you receive it. After one year, the intentions start to fade. 

You do not need to throw out your oils after a year, especially if they are working for you! You should also be using your own intentions for each oil as you use them. They are a boost to your work, not the actual work. You still have to do something ;) 

If you have had it a really long time and you just aren't seeing your conjure take off like it normally does. Maybe it's time for a new bottle!

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