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Moderator's Favorite Oil Combinations

Fred doesn't have a favorite oil combination (crazy right?), so I've gathered some favorite oil combinations from Conjuria's Do You Hoodoo?'s moderators:

Jocelyn Reader
I love 2020 but it’s not available - subbing with fiery wall.
Fiery wall of protection, blockbuster, master key (I use psychic oil but that’s an old Conjuria custom).
Fiery wall, abundance, dragons blood.

Thomas James Mundell
I mixed Van Van, 2020, and Fiery Wall with some Florida Water and use it as a daily anointment

Keva Green
Lately it's been Wealthy Way with Road Opener for me

Tom Edwards
2020 is definitely a MUST HAVE for me, even though it’s a limited edition. VanVan too.
I combine Abundance/Fast Money or Abundance/Wealthy Way a lot.

Pamela Anne Athens Mounce
My combos vary, but I wear combos of 3 oils daily. 2020 is always one of them, but can be substituted with Fiery Wall of Protection (FWoP). The second oil will be Van Van, High John, or Dragon’s Blood. The third varies too often to pick even a few

Toya Woodson
Fast money, luck, abundance, wealthy way. Come to me, look me over, adam&eve, follow me boy. Block buster, road opener, victory. Fiery wall, 2020, dragons blood. Side note: dragon’s blood as a 4th with every combo to amplify the effects. Blessing, healing, protection. Master key, psychic vision, dragon’s blood. Cast off evil, banishing, Van Van. Peaceful home, blessing, firey wall.

Danielle Reis
Master Key is a must have for me. I use it most for work. It can bring some pretty intense dreams if worn at night. Master Key, Black Cat, Crown of Success. I have Boss Fix in a diffuser constantly. I rotate through all of the protection oils. 

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