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New Oils added to Conjuria!

I made 100 more bottles of the 2021. BUT SERIOUSLY, THAT IS IT. I know many of you were disappointed not to get it, and I hate disappointing people. But my ancestors have been clear I can't carry this again. What is 2021? It's protection. It's abundance. AND (and I should have stressed this) it is calling your energy and power back to you so it stays with you where it belongs. Damnit.
In addition to the other new oils I'm going to go ahead and add Hindu Grass oil (for cleaning up old bullshit and cutting ties), Rose of Crucifixion oil (for our Christian practitioners to help bring the blessings of Jesus) and Healing Oil. That's nine new oils this week! Nine is a good number. I had to pull out grandma's old notes for Healing Oil. It's a goody.
The oils will drop midnight, CST, Nov 29, which will give you a chance to take advantage of the sale. Sold out oils will update too. As always all oils are blessed on my altar.
Thank you for your continued support.