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So why is your order taking so damn long?

July 6, 2020
Y'all, I apologize deeply, but it's the Covid-19 thing. Let me take you through the steps. I order the bottles, and they take longer to come from the supplier. All the supplies are taking a week longer than usual and a lot of times they are out.
Then, I'm taking an extra step to sterilize the bottles so they are super safe. I put them on my altar once they are filled. Then they are packed and shipped.
The post office is behind. I went there a few days ago and there were two women working and the line snaked out the door. Of course, I was behind the lady who was complaining because she didn't get her mail and she was expecting a check. I don't blame her frustration, but it took a long time. I got there at ten and it was lunchtime before I got out.
I promise you will get your package! I have never not shipped a package, and I will never drop the ball like that. And if you want to complain about it I promise it's okay. I'm not mad. I hate to wait, too. Thank you for understanding!