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Please anticipate SIGNIFICANT shipping delays of up to 8 weeks. We apologize in advance and are working hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible.
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Conjuria's Hoodoo Oil Properties

4 Thieves Oil--protection from enemies 
Abundance--to attract abundance 
Adam & Eve--for sensual love 
Amber Gold--to attract material wealth 
Ancestor--to help communicate with the ancestors 
Algiers--good luck formula (it's rare to find this) 
Attraction--to attract money, love or anything you desire 
Banishing—removes unwanted people 
Bend Over--to subjugate another to your will (almond oil) 
Black Arts--for use in destructive spells 
Black Cat--for returning a lost love or for gambling luck 
Blessing--to bless new babies, homes, etc 
Blockbuster--to remove roadblocks 
Boss Fix—to fix things with your boss and have domination 
Break-up Oil--to aid in breaking up a couple
Cast Off Evil--for those who feel unlucky or cursed 
Cleo May---to attract tips from men 
Come to Me--to draw a lover close 
Commanding--to dominate others 
Confusion—brings confusion to those working against you 
Court Case—to influence a judge or jury 
Crown of Success--for success in almost everything (financial, school or career) 
Cut and Clear--to fall out of love and attract new love 
Destruction--to destroy something that exists, like a relationship or enemies 
Dixie Love--an old Southern formula to attract and keep love 
Double Cross--to cross others, a hexing oil 
Dove’s Blood—for love spells in desperate cases (no dove’s blood is used) 
Dragon’s Blood--for power, love, protection 
Fast Luck--for immediate luck 
Fast Money--for immediate money 
Fiery Wall of Protection--for strong protection 
Follow Me Boy--to dominate a man with sexual allure 
Follow Me Girl--to dominate a woman with sexual allure 
Healing--for healing
High John the Conqueror--increases personal power 
Hindu Grass--for cleaning up old bullshit and cutting ties
HotFoot--for driving away unwanted persons (it smells awful, works great) 
Jezebel—for working women or women who need strength to buck the system 
Kiss Me Now--to bring immediate physical contact 
Lavender Love Drops--an LGBT attraction 
Law Keep Away—to keep away the police, DEA and other authority figures 
Look Me Over--to attract admiration 
Lucky 13--for gambling luck 
Lucky Mojo--good luck oil 
Love Me--to attract new love/relationships 
Master Key—for occult power and insight 
Pay Me--both to settle a debt owed and to get more money in tips, gifts, etc.
Peaceful Home--for a peaceful home 
Power--to increase personal power
Resurrection--to resurrect something that is seemingly lost, like a relationship 
Return to Me--to bring a lover back from a distance 
Road Opener--to open the way 
Rose of Crucifixion--for our Christian practitioners to help bring the blessings of Jesus
Sage and Citrus--to provide protection for the home 
Spanish Moss--for wealth and in war works
Spirit Guide--to help better connect with the ancestors and the spirit world (beneficial spirits only!)
Stay With Me--to keep your mate faithful 
Steady Work--to find and keep employment 
Uncrossing--for those who feel crossed 
Van Van--to drive away evil, clear the path and increase your power 
Victory--to win against others 
Wealthy Way--for a life of ease and luxury 
Wrath Away--to make anger in another disappear 
Limited Oils:
13 -- Strongest Hexing oil consecrated under the 13th Full Moon of 2020
2021-- Protection/Abundance/success oil for 2021 - it is calling your energy and power back to you so it stays with you where it belongs
Nazareth -- To make the impossible possible. Created on December 21st when Jupiter and Saturn will be more closely aligned than they have been since the Middle Ages. It is a once in a lifetime event. 


CROWN: I understand
THROAT: I speak
HEART: I love
SACRAL: I feel
ROOT: I am

Zodiac Oils

They are designed to enhance the best qualities of your sign, but if you find they are enhancing the more unfortunate qualities, you might want to try the sign on the opposite side of the wheel.
For instance, I'm an Aries. If I find that Aries oil is making me too aggressive I can try wearing Libra oil, which is opposite to me. It will soften my super aggressive tendencies and bring me a little bit of the Libra balance. This only works with signs directly opposite.

Aries--Frankincense, Pepper, Florals
Taurus--Apple, Honeysuckle, Florals
Gemini--Sweet Pea, Bergamot, Florals
Cancer--Chamomile, Jasmine, Florals
Leo--Basil, Juniper, Florals
Virgo--Patchouli, Lemons, Florals
Libra--Daffodil, Lavender, Florals
Scorpio--Tuberose, Hyacinth, Florals
Sagittarius--Bergamot, Lemons, Florals
Capricorn--Tulip, Mimosa, Florals
Aquarius--Lavender, Sage, Florals
Pisces--Gardenia, Vanilla, Florals