Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
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International Shipping Options

New regions are always being reviewed for a direct buying option due to cost and complexity. In the meantime, there are some options for regions that are not currently available.
If you're not in the US and you want to order from Conjuria, there are two options, so please read all the fine print for costs on both and compare prices before making your purchase using either service. These services give you a US mailing address for a monthly subscription fee where you send your packages. Once the package arrives at this address, the company you chose will ship it internationally from there. 
Please remember that Conjuria products are made to order and this will increase your service fees for these companies as the oils need to set before they can be shipped.
The bottles are 0.5oz liquid. The amber bottles vary in weight depending on the bottles Conjuria currently has in stock. Some are upwards of 52g and some orders have been as light as 40g. Currently, Conjuria packs with a limited amount of plastic wrap and crinkle paper, both add almost nothing to the weight. These weight totals are estimated only so you can have a reference.
If you have other options, please let us know so we can add it to the list. Thank you!