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This is the Master Oil List. Not all of these are currently available on Conjuria. However, if you are looking for an oil not found in the Shop, but is found here, you may contact Fred at Conjuria to see if she can consider adding it to the inventory. 

Abramelin Oil--Abramelin the Jewish Mage

Adam and Eve Oil--love drawing

African Juju Oil--

Algiers Oil--Fast Luck Oil, from Algiers Point where I live

Attraction Oil--attracts love, money, whatever you desire

Banishing Oil--removes unwanted people

Bat’s Blood Oil--enemy work or to seal a pact

Bewitching Oil--adds mystery and sexual allure to love potions

Black Arts Oil--aids in destructive work

Black Cat Oil--reverses bad luck, for gamblers

Blessing Oil--to bless new babies, homes, etc

Block Buster Oil--gets rid of obstacles

Boss Fix Oil--helps a boss to come around

Break Up Oil--helps break up a couple

Cast Off Evil Oil--rids you of bad habits and evil people

Chango Macho Oil--for invocation of the

Yoruba God Shango (Chango, Xango)

Chuparrosa (Hummingbird) Oil--for longlasting, sincere love

Clarity Oil--for insight

Cleo May Oil--for sex workers to draw employees

Come to Me Oil--designed to attract a new lover

Commanding Oil--a domination oil

Compelling Oil--makes another keep their promise

Confusion Oil--brings confusion to those working against you

Controlling Oil--grants control over another

Court Case Oil--influences the judge in your favor

Crown of Success Oil--financial, school or career success

Crucible of Courage Oil--grants courage to the wearer

Cut and Clear Oil--cuts a link to a former lover

Damnation Oil--damning an adversary

Destruction Oil--for the destruction of enemies

Devil’s Oil--harming your enemies

Devil’s Shoestring Oil--to tie down and bind your enemies

Dixie John Oil--for help with family and love

Dixie Love Oil--love drawing formula

Do As I Say Oil--gives one the power to command others

Domination Oil--for those who wish to command others

Double Cross Oil--to dress gifts that are actually meant to cause harm (Trojan horse)

Dove’s Blood Oil--for love or to seal a promise

Dragon’s Blood Oil--for love, luck and protection

DUME Oil--Death Unto Mine Enemies Essence of

Bend-Over Oil--for domination

Fast Luck Oil--for those who need fast luck

Fear Not to Walk Over Evil Oil--said to protect from crossings and tricks

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil--protects from ALL evil and tricks

Fire of Love Oil--for passionate desire

Five Finger Grass Oil--for success in everything you do

Follow Me Boy/Follow Me Girl Oil--makes target follow you and everything you do

Good Luck Oil--good luck

Healing Oil--for relief from sickness and heartache

Hindu Grass Oil--for release from old messes

Hot Foot Oil--for driving away unwanted persons

House Blessing Oil--for blessing the home

I Can, You Can’t--oil to get promotion over another

I Dominate My Man/Woman--complete domination over another being (for dominatrices)

Inflammatory Confusion--causes fights and misunderstandings between a couple

Intranquility Oil--causes someone to suffer from restless sleep and thoughts

Jezebel Oil--for prostitutes to attract wealthy customers

Jinx Oil--jinxes others

Jink Breaker--breaks jinxes

John the Conqueror Oil--increases personal power (one of the most powerful oils)

King Solomon--helps to give the wisdom of Solomon and in making decisions

Kiss me NOW Oil--brings an increase in desire and physicality quickly

Lady Luck Oil--for gamblers

Lavender Love Oil--to attract lovers of the same sex

Law Keep Away--Keeps the law from your door

Lodestone Oil--magnetic oil to draw love, love, etc

Look Me Over Oil--attracts the attention of another (especially the male gaze)

Love Me Oil--draws passionate love from the opposite sex

Lucky 13 Oil--lottery and bingo luck, brings good luck from unlucky situations

Marriage Oil--to make a lover marry you

Master Key Oil--occult power

Money Drawing Oil--luck in business

Money Stay with Me--helps keep money

Nature Oil--helps increase sexual vitality

Pay Me Oil--helps to collect debts

Power Oil--increases strength and personal power

Prosperity Oil--to increase your income and lead a better life

Protection Oil--to keep away harmful influences

Psychic Vision Oil--to increase psychic visions and dreams

Reconciliation Oil--to forgive and forget, to reunite

Restless Oil--to keep others in turmoil

Return to Me Oil--to return a love who has walked out

Revenge Oil--for extracting justice

Reversing Oil--for returning jinxes and hexes

Road Opener Oil--for new beginnings

Safe Travel Oil--a protection oil for the road

Separation Oil--to drive two people apart

Spanish Moss Oil--to use in war work

Stay At Home Oil--to keep a straying spouse at home

Stay With Me Oil--to ensure a lover’s fidelity

Steady Work Oil--to ensure steady work

Stop Gossip Oil--keeps gossips from talking

Three Jacks and a King Oil--luck for card players

Tobacco Oil--for use in court cases

Uncrossing Oil--removes crossed conditions and jinxes

Van Van Oil--this very powerful oil is used to open the way

Victory Oil--for triumph over your enemies

Wealth Oil--for bringing continued wealth