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All emails received have been processed and are will be shipped by Monday 10/19. We did not send out tracking since we rushed them out. Please check your email and look for an email from for a shipping notice. If you do not see this, please send an email to confirm. 

Remember it is USPS in New Orleans, LA and they take a bit longer. 

Thank you so much for your patience.

Etsy has revoked access for Fred to finish sending out the old orders. It would be really helpful for those who are still waiting for orders to send them using this contact form to keep it organized. This new site is easier, and faster and this is actually a great thing. People are getting orders really quickly switching away from Etsy.

  • PLEASE INCLUDE THE ORDER DATE IN FULL SO THAT I CAN MAKE SURE YOUR ORDER IS FILLED IN THE ORDER IT SHOULD BE FILLED. OTHERWISE YOU GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THAT MONTH - Please provide as much information as you can. It is much easier than not enough information.

Your continued patience has been extremely appreciated. Thank you!
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