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Astrology and Crystals Mini-Book

Astrology and Crystals Mini-Book

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Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to crystals and the zodiac? Look no further – the download is here! This mini book will give you all the information you need to unlock the energy of crystals and understand how they relate to the zodiac.

The Crystal Download provides in-depth explanations of essential crystals and their cardinal direction, vibration level, and energy features. Updated with the latest research, this book also examines the powerful relationship between each astrological sign and corresponding crystaLs – equipping you with a greater understanding of your own signs as well as those of people around you. 

Whether you are an avid crystal healer or new to the practice – Crystal Download has all that you need! It’s easy-to-understand format gives access to anyone who wants an eye-opening exploration into crystals designed just for them. Pick up your copy today and get closer to unlocking the true essence of energy–through crystals!

This mini-book is 49 pages!!! You will receive a link to the download after purchase.

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