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Flying Novena

Flying Novena

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A Flying Novena is the fastest and most efficient way to make a special appeal to your favorite Saint. The term "flying novena" was coined by Mother Theresa as a way to appeal to a Saint in a time of need.

A traditional Novena is an appellation of nine days. The Flying Novena is just one day, but includes a prayer said on your behalf and a lit chime candle in front of the saints prayer card.


St. Michael--protection, protection against evil
St. Jude--money, lost causes, impossible requests
St. Anthony--lost things, oppressed people
St. Anne--love, fertility, anything household related
St. Rita--impossible requests
St. Francis--animals, the environment
St. Expedite--urgent causes, lawsuit (this Flying Novena does not replace the offering you need to give St. Expedite if your petition is granted)