Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
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In With the New Ritual

In With the New Ritual

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December 30, 2023
Welcome the new year with the spiritual guidance of In With the New Ritual. This powerful ritual is designed to create abundance and protection for all aspects of your life. It draws upon ancient wisdom to invoke cosmic forces that will help bring about balance and harmony in your life.

Through this ritual, you'll be able to tap into the power of the universe to give you strength, guidance, and courage as you start a new journey ahead. You'll be presented with an opportunity to recommit yourself and be rewarded with peace of mind knowing that you are taking the necessary steps to create positive change in your life.

In With the New Ritual will enhance your understanding of self-trust, inner peace, and empowerment while allowing the flow of positive energies from Nature that will get you fully prepared for 2024's energies. Feel secure in knowing that whatever changes come this year cannot alter your destiny but only help make it richer and fuller.

The ritual is designed to honor diverse paths towards wholeness and wellbeing. Through this journey, we invite you to explore rich spiritual symbols such as incense, flowers, prayers, holy waters, candles as well as invoke powerful affirmations created by legendary spiritual leaders from around the world such as Buddha and Jesus Christ. Step into an era filled with joy, love, lightness, happiness...and adventure!

Let go of what isn’t serving you so that energy can be directed toward creating a future that is true to your goals and desires. Welcome abundance and protection into your life with In With the New Ritual now!


You will need two white candles, cleansing herbs like hyssop of your choice and eight  coins. It is also advisable to do a New Year's meal, but that is optional.