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An Nkondi is a protective fetish that is filled with an a spirit that is aggressive towards outside, evil and malevolent forces. An Nkondi protects your home and family COMPLETELY without hesitation.

These particular Nkondi have a traditional shape (an alligator) and instructions on their use. These are only for those who (a) wish to have the highest level of protection and (b) are prepared to care for them properly.

Your Nkondi will ship on the 30th of May. Each Nkondi comes with a set of instructions on how to care for it, feed it and ensure its happiness. Each alligator may be different in size and shape from the appearance in the picture. 

Please do not order if you are unable to commit to feeding the Nkondi at least once a week. They belong on an altar, so please do not order if you do not have an altar space. Also, do not order if you're not prepared for the highest level of protection.

Extremely limited. 

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