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Seven Sisters Oil LIMITED

Seven Sisters Oil LIMITED

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The Seven Sisters are a group of little houses in New Orleans. Legend has it that a father wanted his seven adult daughters to live side by side, so he purchased those houses. The seven sisters were known for their skill in conjure and divination.

My Seven Sisters oil is only available for the month of July, has seven distinct conjure and divination supporting herbs and is one of the few oils in my collection that is good for EVERYTHING. Like Abtina powder,  Seven Sisters Oil amplifies and enhances all other oils. 

On it's own, use Seven Sisters Oil to anoint your head to improve divination and enhance prophetic dreams.

It's only available in until the end of July, and quantities are limited.

Note: Abundance Oil is intended for external use only. Results may vary based on individual circumstances. Please consult a qualified practitioner for personalized guidance. For entertainment purposes only. No results implied.


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