All oils are hand poured. Shipping may take up to ten days. Thank you for your patience.
All oils are hand poured. Shipping may take up to ten days. Thank you for your patience.
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Spring Equinox Ritual

Spring Equinox Ritual

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March 25, 2023
Welcome to the Spring Equinox Ritual – the perfect way to celebrate rebirth, renewal and the turning of seasons. This one-of-a-kind ritual is designed for worshippers to achieve spiritual clarity and peace by tapping into the transformative energy of spring.

By participating in this special event, you can look forward to an experience where connection with nature and balance are cultivated as you find inner strength, come alive again, heal old wounds and align with your purpose. With each activity and act of intention setting during the ceremony, you will open yourself up to a new chapter in life.

The Spring Equinox Ritual encompasses all aspects of body, spirit and mind while focusing on both the physical element of Earth's natural transformation and your own life transformation. During our gathering we will honor moments of silence as we commit ourselves to releasing stale feelings that inhibit progress so we can embrace new beginnings with courage and grace. Our sacred space will cultivate an energy of peace, growth and abundance that can help propel each person into whatever areas may need healing or growth.

I invite you to build your spiritual pathway through this emotive experience that promises inspired change within yourself as well as greater knowledge about how truth from different perspectives can elevate creativity and understanding within our lives. Join me today for a journey towards a brighter future!

This will be the FIRST ritual that I will perform LIVE IN THE GROUP. While the live will be open for anyone to attend, only people who have purchased the ritual will receive the benefits of the ritual. Please watch me plant the seeds of your growth.