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St. Marron Ritual July 18

St. Marron Ritual July 18

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Marron means slave or one in bondage. St. Marron cannot be appealed to by anyone except Black folks, and he helps protect and guard us against racism. He's an extremely difficult spirit to work with, so do not attempt to work with him on your own. Your part in the ritual is very simple. You just need a candle and an offering of food like cornbread or okra or greens.

St. Marron is a spirit of a slave who escaped into the swamps of Louisiana hundreds of years ago, and still exists, traveling between this plane and the next, protecting those who call out to them from places of oppression. Once again, he will absolutely not work with anyone other than Black people (or Natives at times), so do not share this ritual with White people. It just won't work for them.

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