Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
Please allow up to three weeks for your oil to be hand mixed and shipped.
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Strawberry Stunna X-treme

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You've heard about (or experienced!) Strawberry Stunna? Get ready to stretch those muscles and level up.

Activate your love life and boost your night time fun time with Strawberry Stunna Oil X-treme! This powerful oil is made from natural ingredients and extracts, offering amazing advantages for building sexual confidence. Its unique formula contains carefully blended plant essences that are known for enhancing libido, flushing out stress and anxiety, and releasing endorphins to increase pleasure.

Ideal for both men and women, this seductive oil is sure to take any romance up a notch. With just a few drops on the skin or added to your bathing routine, you can feel the effects of Strawberry Stunna Oil X-treme working its magic in just minutes. You can look forward to an increased sensitivity that heightens all senses — making every touch or caress tantalizingly pleasurable like never before.

Plus, it’s fully capable of restoring physical vigor as well as mental clarity — helping you enjoy more quality time with your loved one while eliminating fatigue or performance anxiety. So why wait? Get ready to experience explosive pleasure with Strawberry Stunna Oil X-treme today!



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