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Conjuria By Fredericka Turner

Conjuria was created by Fredericka Turner in early 2019 where it had started on Etsy. A company solely ran by Fred, who is a Rootworker and healer in New Orleans. She was born into a strong heritage of rootworkers, learning the family recipes and conjure. In 2018, she decided to start a Facebook group, Do You Hoodoo? to begin teaching her friends Hoodoo. The membership skyrocketed when the word spread about Fred's skills, and her methods of teaching. In mid 2019, she decided to expand to add another Facebook group, The Hoodoo Box, a women's only group that allowed women to learn about Sex Magick. End of 2019, Fred decided to expand again and added a place to find reputable crystal sellers and information about crystals to implement in conjure called, Crystal Conjure on Facebook. 

If you are looking for ways to implement your Conjuria products, checking out the Social Learning Units on the Facebook groups will give you plenty of options and How-tos.

Thank you for choosing Conjuria!

Fredericka Turner

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Fred’s oils are the absolute TRUTH! They smell better than any other oil I’ve purchased from other vendors and I wear them almost daily just as a perfume. As far as conjure properties they WORK. Almost always within a few hours or day of using Return to Me or Come to Me with intent I get contact from my POI. I always get checked out and complimented when I go out with any of Conjuria’s oils on. I won’t buy from anywhere else.

Rylie Marie

Fred's oils not only smell beautiful, they work. Plain and simple. Fast money and fast luck always deliver on their names for me. Fred's oils truly help enhance my intention and my inner power. Fred, you AND your oils are something else! Thank you!

Kaylee Anne Downing

A lot of people complain about the wait time (which I don't understand, especially during these times with Covid). However, Fred puts everything she has into all of her work and these oils are no exception! The smell divine and actually work as they should. They are so magical that there are certain ones I don't leave home without (Fierywall of protection, High John and Abundance). I put on some Abundance and Fast Luck oil on once and went to the casino and won a nice lump sum of money. I anoint my candles with it for certain rituals, put a drop in my bath water, add some to my floor wash, added some to my perfumes, and even put some in my laundry detergent. Needless to say...they are definitely worth the wait! Thanks a bunch Fred 

Richetta Adams

I have been purchasing Fred's oils for a year now and no one can compare to the handcrafted products of Conjuria. Every oil, candle and other products I have received have been of the utmost quality and Fred's personal touch is felt in each item. No matter what I use the oils for from conjure to every day perfume I am never disappointed and am confident of high standards Fred has for what she sells in her shop. Finding Conjuria has been life changing. Thank you Fred!

Jenny Harris

Fred’s oils are amazing! They smell great and they WORK! I wore Look Me Over and Court Case oil to a custody hearing once. The judge was super short with my EX and even went over what I was asking for! Simply amazing!

Carmen Cowles

Once I'd tried and tested the  Myus delivery method for international shipping, I had no regrets about purchasing and using Fred's oils. I'm loyal to only her, now, with conjure oils and cannot believe the power they hold! You can feel the energy that she puts into each oil! I honestly couldn't say enough to really express how amazing Conjuria is. Her oils are well worth the wait, and Fred herself is quite spectacular. I am so thankful to be part of this group and hear Fred's wise words! Using MyUs: I have the address suite on my Etsy order, so it's sent there first, then MyUs notifies me when it's in my suite and they then forward it to my Australian address. Double handling, but worth it. The cost is about $50+ though, the only downside. Worth it.

Author's nKyah Masq-Muse Armstrong Merfrellame

I wore my fast luck and fast money oils and I have won pick 3 and pick 4 not big because I haven't played more than one dollar but I won 6 times so far this year. I have won my fast luck oil and won contests. I'm a believer I wear my oils daily

Nikki Holmes

I have purchased many oils from fred. Each made with different aromas. I love that she blesses them on her altar. They are worth every cent.

Lillith Bloodmoon

These are authentic products and services from a genuine Hoodoo practitioner. I never have to worry that the ingredients or the methods used are not 100% the REAL DEAL. I have purchased many times, and have always been pleased.

Pamela Anne Athens Mounce