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Conjuria Updates

  • New Oils added to Conjuria!

    I made 100 more bottles of the 2021. BUT SERIOUSLY, THAT IS IT. I know many of you were disappointed not to get it, and I hate disappointing people. But my ancestors have been clear I can't carry this again. What is 2021? [Read More...]
  • How long do the oils last?

    Many people wonder how many oils to get at one time. How long do the intentions in the oils last? Is it worth stocking up on all of the oils early, or get them only when you need them? [Read More]
  • Moderator's Favorite Oil Combinations

    Fred doesn't have a favorite oil combination (crazy right?), so I've gathered some favorite oil combinations from Conjuria's Do You Hoodoo?'s moderators[......]
  • So why is your order taking so damn long?

    Y'all, I apologize deeply, but it's the Covid-19 thing. Let me take you through the steps. I order the bottles, and they take longer to come from the supplier. All the supplies are taking a week longer than usual and a lot of times they are out[......]

  • Update on the pandemic.

    So as many of you know the Coronavirus is having a huge impact on New Orleans. This might be quite concerning for you.
    If you have ordered from Conjuria please know that we are taking additional precautions in filling the orders. We have[......]