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7 Herb Bath

7 Herb Bath

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This is no ordinary bath. Our 7 Day Bath, crafted with 7 potent herbs, is your key to cleansing and spiritual awakening. When we say this bath will transform you, we mean it.

You will bathe with this for 7 days straight. Each day, you will feel the herbs purifying your spirit, washing away negative energies and blockages. You will emerge renewed, enlightened.

This is not for the uncommitted. If you are not ready to dedicate yourself fully to your spiritual cleansing, do not bother. But if you are prepared to commit, to follow the path laid out, then you will reap the rewards.

7 days. 7 herbs. Complete dedication. This is the only way. Your spiritual cleansing and enlightenment await, but you must put in the work. No one else can do it for you.

The 7 Day Bath will be your catalyst, your spiritual guide. But you must walk the path yourself.

Cleanse yourself. Enlighten yourself. If you have the will, our 7 Day Bath provides the way.


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