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Black Pullet Chicken Foot Charm

Black Pullet Chicken Foot Charm

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The Black Pullet Charm is said to bestow unlimited wealth on the carrier. It's difficulty to obtain all the ingredients needed (especially the feet of a completely black rooster or hen), but I was finally able to find a supplier.

I only wanted to make the charm for myself, but since I had the supplies needed, I thought it would be nice to offer them to you as well.

The Black Pullet Charm is a painted and anointed chicken foot, from a jet black chicken with no other feather color. The charm is carved and buried in black dirt, before being made into a charm with rooster feathers of varying color.

The Black Pullet Charm should be kept in a safe place, like an ancestor altar or a drawer. It should not be carried around.

A known celebrity contacted me for one of these charms many years ago. At that time I had only one chicken foot, so I used it for him thinking I would come across more in the future. That was a mistake on my part! He's a very wealthy celebrity that spends time in New Orleans and Los Angeles, and his star has never waned. I've grown in experience since then, and think my mastery of the talisman is greater.

EXTREMELY LIMITED. Product will ship after the 15th of July.

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