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Burying Ball

Burying Ball

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A Burying Ball is a powerful Hoodoo tool to bring your desires to fruition. Crafted with intention and tradition, this ball is designed for spiritual seekers and Hoodoo practitioners looking to amplify their manifestation practices.

Key Features:

  • Specially prepared for burying in the front yard, aligning with Hoodoo tradition
  • Encased in a protective foil covering that should NOT be removed
  • Imbued with spiritual energy to attract and manifest your desired outcomes


To harness the power of the Manifestation Burying Ball, simply bury it in your front yard, keeping the foil outer covering intact. As the ball rests in the earth, it will work to draw your intentions and desires into reality, in accordance with Hoodoo principles.

Please note that this product is intended for those with knowledge and respect for Hoodoo practices. If you are new to Hoodoo, it is recommended to research and understand the tradition before using this or any other spiritual tool.

Manifest your dreams with the Manifestation Burying Ball - a potent aid in your spiritual journey. Embrace the power of Hoodoo and watch as your desires take root and flourish.

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