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Chinese Floor Wash

Chinese Floor Wash

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This traditional hoodoo floor wash is not just a cleaning solution; it's a spiritual tool designed to bring peace, power, and limitless potential into your sacred space. When you mop your floors with Chinese Floor Wash, you're not just cleaning—you're performing a ritual to cleanse your home of negative energy and invite positivity and prosperity.

Using Chinese Floor Wash is simple: Add it to your mop water and wash your floors from back to front. As you mop, visualize your intention, whether it's attracting abundance, promoting harmony, or enhancing your spiritual practice. With each stroke of the mop, you are actively participating in the transformation of your home's energy.

Crafted according to hoodoo traditions, but with Mambo Fredericka's family heritage additives, Chinese Floor Wash is a must-have for spiritual seekers, rootworkers, and anyone looking to create a home environment that supports their highest goals and aspirations. 

8 oz

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