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Green Rice

Green Rice

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Green Rice has been a staple in Hoodoo rituals for generations, used to attract prosperity and abundance. This 4 oz package provides a potent tool for your spiritual work.

For your mojo bags, add a pinch of Green Rice to activate its power. Alternatively, place a bowl of this consecrated rice on your ancestor altar to honor them and invite their blessings.

Crafted specifically for the needs of spiritual seekers, occult practitioners, and those following the Hoodoo path. Green Rice is a straightforward, no-nonsense ingredient that has a long track record of delivering results.

Unless specified for other uses, Green Rice should be reserved for its traditional purpose in rituals and workings focused on wealth and abundance. Avoid the temptation to dilute its power through frivolous use.

4 oz is a generous size, intended to supply your practice for some time. Use it wisely and with intention, and you will begin to see its effects manifest in your life. But remember, true abundance requires dedication and consistent effort.

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